Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Murad SkinCare

This Clarifying Cleanser from Murad has been great so far!  I use it in the morning with my Clarisonic and it is so refreshing.  It leaves my skin clean, but not overly dry with a fresh tingly feeling!

Can't exactly tell what this has done for my skin but, it does seem a bit more toned and refined overall.

No matter how much sleep I get, I suffer from under eye puffiness.  Especially when I smile..it's like "hellooooo under-eye tote bags!".  Not cute.  I use this eye cream in the morning and at night to help fight off that puffiness and wrinkles. 

THIS oil-control moisturizer is. my. holy. grail.  If I was going to be stranded somewhere and could only pick one beauty item, it would be this.  I put it on in the morning and concentrate primarily on my t-zone and cheek areas, and it keeps me pretty much oil free all day.  I don't even have to use my oil blotting sheets, and I have ooooiiily skin.  Like enough oil on my face that if I rubbed the back of my hands over my nose I could moisturize my dry hands even on the coldest day in DFW.  

Love this moisturizer too.  My skin is kinda funky and is dry around my chin area, so I focus this moisturizer on there and it has helped make a difference.