Monday, February 13, 2012

In Memoriam: Whitney Houston, The Ultimate Glamour Girl

This is mostly a fashion/lifestyle blog, but I have to take a moment and recognize one of my childhood idols.  When I heard the news of Whitney's passing, my heart literally sunk.  I grew up on her songs, movies and feel like she was apart of my childhood.  I would belt out, like many others around the world most likely, "I Will Always Love You" as a little girl in my bedroom.  I had her tapes, CDs, even wrote a letter to her fan club.  My heart and condolences sincerely go out to her close friends and family and especially her daughter since I know the pain she is feeling, having lost my mother at a young age as well.  With that said, we all know Whitney Houston had a stellar, angelic and amazing voice, but she also had impeccable style.  Here are a few pictures that highlight her glamour. 

All photo credits: Pinterest

Rest in peace dear Whitney.  <3


  1. Whitney was so beautiful.. Not to mention absolutely sensational. No one will ever have a voice like hers.


  2. it is very shocking to have such an important singer die so so heart goes out to her family